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Ashraf Ghani’s Positive Current Effects on Afghanistan Economy
Monday, 04.07.2014, 06:05pm

In the recent general election between Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and others, Afghan voters had decided who would be in the Presidential House for the next five years. People who spent their time and energy in order to participate in our democracy generally vote for a particular reason or issue.

Democracy Crests in Afghanistan
Monday, 04.07.2014, 06:02pm
April 05, 2014 was an historic day in the history of Afghanistan and democracy. Millions Afghan men and women cast their votes in the presidential election. The candidates visited almost all provinces during their campaign and addressed to their supporters. Still, People were not expecting the election to go in a way it went.

Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, Chris Alexander says
Wednesday, 04.02.2014, 12:28am
Canada and its allies must take a united front against Pakistan because it is a state sponsor of terrorism that threatens world security, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

Karzai Over Comes the Fear
Tuesday, 04.01.2014, 07:44am
This is the first time in Afghan history that the third continual democratic presidential election is being held. Although, there is no political party participating in the election, but individuals. In addition, the Afghan Politicians are now learning to play a national politics rather than tribal or ethnical, so this will be the doorstep for the national political parties to come into being. 

Afghan War Claimed No U.S. Soldiers in March
Tuesday, 04.01.2014, 07:36am

For the first time in more than seven years, there were zero combat casualties among U.S. military forces in Afghanistan during a full calendar month, according to NATO press releases.

Afghan election illustrates power of visuals
Tuesday, 04.01.2014, 07:35am
PARACHUTE or laptop computer? Sunrise or binoculars? Five days before polling, Afghan voters are spoilt for choice as they prepare to make their selection from an oddball array of candidates’ symbols.

No extra military gear for Pakistan: State Dept
Tuesday, 04.01.2014, 07:00am
WASHINGTON: Addressing concerns of the Karzai government, the Obama administration on Monday ruled out transferring the leftover military hardware from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

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Ashraf Ghani’s Positive Current Effects on Afghanistan Economy
Democracy Crests in Afghanistan
Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, Chris Alexander says
Karzai Over Comes the Fear