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Friday, 05.06.2016, 03:34am (GMT)
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China Pledges Support to Afghan Peace Process ; Afghan Province, Teetering to the Taliban, Draws In Extra U.S. Forces ; Bomb blast rocks Kabul as militants storm guest house ; Raheel Sharif assures full support to Ghani for Afghan peace ; 37 killed in Taliban siege at Afghan airport
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Hekmatyar Condemns Attacks on Pakistani Army
Tuesday, 11.10.2009, 08:26am (GMT)

By : Nasib

It is puzzling, why should the leader of Hizbi-i-Islami Afghanistan, Mr Hekmatyar speaks only to Pakistani newspapers and TV networks.  Pakistani The Daily Times reports on Nov.11 2009 that Hekmatyar has condemned those Taliban who fight Pakistani aggression in Pashtunistan, urging them to turn their guns towards foreign troops.  Reading such statements weigh in the arguments that he is still being harboured and given safe haven by Pakistani  ISI.  Being an agent to ISI is a thousand times worse than a CIA agent. Will people of Afghanistan forgive such leaders who speak most often of Jihad but act on the behest of ISI, one of the worse enemies of Islam in the world.  The treacherous standards and crimes of ISI against people of Afghanistan and Pashtuns are known to everyone.  Recent news reports indicate that Mr Hekmatyar is active in Bajur area and Pakistani army and government turned a blind eye to his activities.  Can’t Hekmar see how Pakistani troops are mercilessly killing his fellow Pashtuns. The fact of the matter is that leaders like Hekmatyar are unable to save Pakistani army and ISI.  Afghans are awakened now.  They cannot be deceived by false leaders .


Pakistani troops beating a Pashtun Talib to death in South Waziristan. 

LAHORE: Hezb-e-Islami chief Gulbudin Hekmatyar has said that Osama Bin Laden is still alive, a private TV channel reported on Monday. Speaking in a video message, Hekmatyar said the US would be given “safe exit” if it decided to pull out of Afghanistan. “Al Qaeda’s ‘wrong’ strategy was the reason the Taliban were toppled,” he said. Hekmatyar said that Iran, India and China were supporting the American cause in Afghanistan despite having “problems with each other”. He condemned the suicide attacks in Pakistan and urged “those people who had launched a war against Pakistani security forces” that they should fight against foreign forces.


Last week, Pakistan staged a Fashion week in Karachi.  It was vastly amplified by Anglo-American media.

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